Photographs from my travels. 

Australia - February 2017

This past February I traveled to New South Wales, Australia to work on a short documentary about a local grass root environmentalist who put a halt to an open pit coal mine. Wendy Bowman received the Goldman Environmental prize for her work. Nestled in the beautiful Hunter Valley - a farming and wine region - open pit coal mining is rampant. Wendy refused to sell and stopped the creation of a mine that would have taken out her beautiful farm. We spent a week filming with her on her farm and in the surrounding area. The open pit mines were astounding. Dozens of them spread across the Hunter Valley - huge gaping scars in the earth. Australia is the largest exporter of coal in the world. 

The piece was produced by the Mill Valley Film Group, directed by John Antonelli and shot by Matt Yamashita.  




New Zealand - February 2017

Long overdue. I finally made it to New Zealand. After working for a week in New South Wales, Australia I flew from Sydney to Christchurch on the South Island. It is a short three or so hour flight. My moms family hails from this beautiful country. It is undoubtedly one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever been. I had the chance to meet with extended family and travel the west coast highway...hiking along the way. A few photos below. I was there for only a short week ( not enough ) and I will be back for a longer trip soon. 

Maine - August 2016

A non work trip. I spent a long weekend in Cushing, Maine with my family; Mom, Dad and sister. We found a great cabin through Homeway on quiet road overlooking the St. George River. My body was still adjusting to the new time zone, so I was waking early and catching the sunrise. It was wonderfully calm very morning with only the distant sound of the diesel engine from the lobster boats. 


Hong Kong - July 2016

I spent two weeks working in Hong Kong in July. An amazing place that I hope to visit again. While we were there a typhoon rolled through that basically shut the city down. Looking through my phone, I realize I didn't take many photos. What photos I did get are below with captions: 

Brazilian Amazon - June 2016

I've just spent the past two weeks working in Brazil as part of a documentary film crew. We flew from Miami to Manaus and then from Manaus three hours to the southern Amazon town of Alta Floresta in the state of Mato Grosso. We spent much of our time here and in the capital, Brasilia. We were there covering a story about deforestation in the Amazon and it's connection with the booming cattle and agribusiness industry in Brazil. This piece, part of the Years of Living Dangerously series, will air on the National Geographic Channel sometime in late 2016. A few photos with captions below.